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Melanosporum (Black Truffle)
Melanosporum (Black Truffle)

Welcome to our page about Snacq and its site for world’s most precious natural and organic specialty and fine foods, snacks and beverages! It is a real honour to have you here. And we hope you like what you see and will pass by more often, connect to us via our newsletter or our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

SNACQ started several years ago and all is still very much under construction. So do come back once in a while to see how it develops over time. We are also open for working together, feedback, exchanging stories, articles and images.

Especially if you are yourself a farmer or producer of natural or organic fine foods or drinks. In that case we would like to write about you and when possible visit you to taste your products ourselves. And maybe help you sell them online. Just contact us via mail.

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Prosciutto di Parma
Parma ham

The enthusiasm for us to write about specialty and fine food and beverages came from traveling the world, visiting local restaurants and especially on holidays going to producers to buy local specialty and fine food.

Now living in the Provence in France, so not so far away from Piedmonte in Italy, we have learnt more about truffles. Black truffles in France (Vaucluse) and white truffles from Alba in Italy. The country which is famous for what mane consider world’s the best ‘cuisine’ and so many specialty and fine foods like Prosciuttos like Parma ham.

Also a growing number of local farmers are producing saffron in Provence. Reading about this, I found out that saffron used to be widely grown in the south of France. But a fungal disease called phylloxera wiped it out early in the last century. And now it is being re-introduced. Those are the stories we would like to write about on our blog.

France is also the country of cheese, but the most exotic (and expensive) cheeses come from Sweden where moose cheese is produced and Serbia where pule cheese is made from donkey milk. Again great stories! And for those cheeses we are still finding out how to add them to the store. If this is possible at all, that is.

Bitto Storico
Artisanal cheese

We are also close to Spain and excellent Spanish ham like Jamon d’Iberico or Serrano ham is for sale here in the Provence on many of the local outdoor markets.

We learnt how sperm whale vomit and cat poop are delicacies. That in Japan in addition to their famous wagyu beef, there is also a market for exotic fruits like Yubari King melons. In China people pay a fortune for a cup of Da Hong Pao tea. And all of them are in the top 15 of world’s most expensive foods and beverages.

Specialty and Fine Foods that are Natural and Organic

We have always been very aware of what we eat and drink. And we distrust processed food. We do not like that many governments still allow food and drink producers to ‘cheat’ the consumer with all kinds of fake or synthetic substitutes and artificial additives. Like truffle oil which contains no or very little (like 0.03%) real truffle. Or ‘crab’ which is actually surimi. Or ham glued together from meat pieces glued together with pink slime or ‘transglutaminase’ (banned in the EU).

Hop shoots

We want to taste the food in its most natural way. Preferably not touched and manipulated by humans. Grown locally by passionate farmers or producers who are passionate about their products. Using traditional and authentic methods which may be already centuries old.

Also we will write about animal welfare and foods that are banned or should be banned and alternatives. Like in the case of organic foie gras produced from ducks which are not force-fed. Or line caught tuna using the ‘one-by-one’ method.

Or about health benefits. Like Matcha tea which is supposed to be full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins burns calories and calms the mind! And hop shoots of the hops which are used in brewing beer for their antibacterial effect. But also have multiple properties: sedative and hypnotic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moree.

Sharing our love for world’s most precious food and drinks

Combining our preference for natural food and beverages with our love of local specialty and fine food for us was a logical next step! So we started looking for and reading about world’s other natural and organic specialty and fine foods and beverages. Collecting more and more stories which we now want to share with the rest of the world. Not only in a blog but we also want to offer a selection of such specialty and fine foods in our online boutique. So visitors of our site and boutique will also be able to buy many of the products described.

There are already so many food, drink blogs and online shops out there. But we could not find a blog and boutique dedicated to natural and organic specialty and fine foods and beverages! While the stories behind such exotic (and therefore often expensive) foods, ingredients, drinks or spirits are great. The people producing them, the countries or regions they come from, the way they are prepared or used in dishes. You could easily fill a website with this and that is exactly what we are doing now.

We hope you enjoy visiting this site and its boutique and do not hesitate to contact us or leave feedback!

Nic, 2020

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