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The Blonde d’Aquitaine is a modern French breed of large domestic beef cattle. It is the third beef breed of France by numbers, after the Charolais and the Limousin. The cow includes almost all the traditional blonde cattle breeds of southern France. Although remnant populations of a few of them have allowed them to be reconstituted.  

Blonde d'Agauitaine in the Pyrenees
Blonde d Aquitaine

A vintage cote de boeuf (rib steak) from the Blonde d’Aquitaine from the year 2000 can cost you up to 3.000 euros. Only ultra-exclusive chefs serve it in very special restaurants. Source: And this makes it even more expensive than Wagyu or Kobe!

Maison Polmard, a stockbreeder/butcher in the 6th ‘arrondissement’ of Paris, sells the vintage beef.

How and Where is Blonde d’Aquitaine Produced

France has exported the Blonde d’Aquitaine to many countries of the world, including all countries of the European Union. In addition, it is much used for cross-breeding in Oceania and in Eastern Europe. It has shown particular promise when crossed with zebuine cattle breeds in South America.

In the US there even is the American Blonde d’Aquitaine Association , a non-profit association whose mission it is to develop and promote the breed of beef cattle in the United States. Formed in 1973, the Association is an active group, with various programs and activities to support our many breeders throughout the US. In Ireland there is the Irish Blonde Cattle Society.

History and other facts about the Blonde d’Aquitaine

From about 1970, breeders made efforts to improve the beef production attributes of the breed.

Herd of Blondes d'Aquitaine

Stock breeders created the breed in 1962 by merging three blonde draught breeds of south-western France, the Blonde des Pyrénées, the Blonde de Quercy and the Garonnaise.  Since about 1970 they have selectively bred them specifically for beef production. The moving force behind the creation of the breed was Raphaël Trémouille, a veterinary surgeon and member of the lower chamber of the French parliament.

Use and Recipes

Breeders raise Blonde d’Aquitaine exclusively for beef, whether purebred or cross-bred. Bullocks reach almost 300 kg at 210 days (7 months), and about 500 kg at 15 months. Carcass yield is about 65%.

Source: Wikipedia


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